A New Way of Living: Smart Homes

A New Way of Living: Smart Homes
Posted on January 21, 2016 by The Anderson Estates

Want to be part of the cutting edge trends of the real estate market today? Smart houses and smart home gadgets are all the rage right now. Even though smart home gadgets are trendy, they also serve a purpose for all types of families.

One thing all families would like to do better is protect their lives and property. And a smoke alarm is just the thing.  While this may seem old-school one of the newest and best smart gadgets is the the Halo Smart Smoke Alarm. Voted   

“Parent-tested, Parent-approved” at this years Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas it is coined as being:

 “The smoke alarm that other alarms want to be when they grow up.”

Not only will this smoke alarm detect fires but it will send you a audio signal with colored coded lights to show where the threat is coming from. It can also be programed to warn of a impending disaster such as wild fires and Tornadoes.

Another smart gadget that is particularly helpful to seniors and their families just debuted at CES 2016 as well is the “Spot”, part of the iSmartAlarm system. It’s a security camera that detects both sound and motion. It provides streaming video in HD for monitoring elder family members who might be in distress such as falling or not moving for long periods. It also has a time lapse feature and two-way communication for easy visual access to both the senior and their families. It will even detect smoke detector and other alarms in the house. This could provide priceless peace of mind to both seniors and their families and is under $100.

These days smart technology for the home is not only getting smart and easier to use its becoming more affordable too. At as low as $9.99 a month the MivaTek Medication Dispenser is within range of most people that need help with remembering to take important live saving medications. It can store up to 4 weeks of medication and remind you when to take it via app or beep warning. A text message will also be sent to any family members or care givers that can help remind you if you forget.  One extra feature is that it creates a log that can be shared with medical professionals and has unlimited authorized users and emergency contacts.

Finally, the ultimate homeowner Smart gadget is the CES “2016 Innovation Awards Honoree” Andersen Windows with their VeriLock® integrated security sensors. Security is the main reason smart gadgets are making their way into so many consumers homes these days, and these windows are leading the pack with security sensors built directly into the windows making them invisible to the eye.

These sensors allow the owner to remotely monitor windows showing which windows are locked and which are unlocked. No other security system does that. You can also order 24 hour remote monitoring by a service if you don’t want to do that yourself.

All of these new Smart Home products were unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show 2016 and every year more and more are being introduced. Its hard to know what the next few years will bring and what advances will be made.

As Michael Smith from Lutron accurately stated, “The Jetson’s are here. They’re your next door neighbors now.”


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