DIY – Bring A Little Life Into Your Home

DIY – Bring A Little Life Into Your Home
Posted on February 8, 2016 by The Anderson Estates



What’ the easiest way to bring life, brightness, and warmth into your home? Indoor Plants!  Whether you have a grand estate that lacks warmth and fulfillment or a tiny apartment that needs a sense of space, indoor plants can bring your home up to par.

There are plenty of different types of plants to decorate your home with. Some are tall and act like a sculpture such as Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree  (which is all the rage right now for interior designers). Or you could choose a smaller but fun plant such as a succulent. There are so many to choose from so you can pick one that fits your personality and your space.

The best thing about indoor plants if chosen correctly require minimal work and watering. Succulents need barely any water at all and they give you a nice grace period of shriveling up when they are thirsty so you have a while to get them the water they need (great if you go on trips). The other great thing about indoor plants is that they do not require much if any direct sunlight – this means they can brighten up and room without needed to be rotated with the sun’s clock like other plants.

So have fun, choose your favorite, and decorate your house today!

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