Preparing Your Home For El Nino

Preparing Your Home For El Nino
Posted on January 11, 2016 by The Anderson Estates

With the first heavy rain in San Diego, it’s no secret El Nino is here and planning to stay. It is important to prepare your home for the stormy season, especially if you have a new home and are unfamiliar with the steps to protect your most valuable asset. Here are some tips from our home to yours on how to prepare and stay safe for this El Nino season.

1. Keep gutters and drains clear: “Keeping you gutters and drains clear is the key to avoiding rain damage to your property and home. Gutters are designed to keep roof runoff away from a home’s foundation. Gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned of leaves, dirt and debris for proper drainage.” You want to make sure that large amounts of water can drain out way from your home so not to damage the home or cause mold.

2. Keep proper drainage on flat roofs: “Proper drainage on flat roofs is very important since the weight of puddled water can cause a roof to leak. Also, make sure the downspouts have diverters to direct water away from the building”. 

3. Keep surface drains cleared throughout: “Because roots can sometimes clog surface drains, they might need to be snaked. Backed up surface drains can quickly cause flooding”. 

4. Check your house for areas water can get in: “If you notice cracked or peeling paint or stucco, get a coating on there as quickly as possible to keep the water out. Also keep an eye on the windows. Windows can easily leak is they are not property installed, and hot, dry weather can cause wood to shrink, which can create leak points”.

5. Trim trees: “Don’t forget to trim trees that look top heavy, especially those that do not look healthy due to the drought”. Excessive water on plants that are not use to the weight can break and fall on cars and driveways. Make sure to put all outdoor furniture to preserve it and keep it from collecting debris.

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Courtesy of San Diego Union Tribune