Spring Into A New Fresh Look!

Spring Into A New Fresh Look!
Posted on March 14, 2016 by The Anderson Estates

With the first day of spring coming up (March 20th) we can expect spring colors to start arriving everywhere in the stores. This means the season of COLOR has arrived! Get a start on your color palette for your next showing by keeping these “Top 10” colors from the Spring Fashion Color Report” in mind.


These are the hues we will be seeing in the upcoming months in clothing stores as well as furnishings, wall paints, and other home fashions like table cloths and towels. Top builders and interior designers will be using these colors for the next few months, so why not try a few in your next listing? The Spring Fashion Report discusses the need to balance between light and bright as wells as classic and new. Finding this balance is essential, but with fun colors like these it’s hard not to be self-expressive, individualized, and excited with this new color palette! With colors like this on the horizon for home fashion, it appears that this spring will be nice and BRIGHT!

Easy ways to bring color into your house without doing a full remodel is changing out some key staples throughout the home that easily change the mood of the home with the change of the season. Here is a list of easy changes to bring a new color scheme and mood to your home:

(1)   Pillows: Change out pillows for ones that pop with color and keep up a theme through out the home on couches, beds, chairs, and sometimes outside in special spots to sit and read a book.

(2)   Towels: When guests come and use the powder room, a fresh and festive towel can remind them of the season and keep the theme throughout the home.

(3)   Candles, flowers, and dishes: Changing out centerpieces, or spaces of decoration with new colors can change the entire feeling of your home with not much effort. Try spring flowers in a brightly colored vase or on a colorful dish.




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