Top Ten Luxury Amenities for Home

Top Ten Luxury Amenities for Home
Posted on March 21, 2016 by The Anderson Estates


Have you ever wondered what the luxury real estate market wants most for their properties? Here are the top ten luxury amenities for luxury estates and the trends of the rich.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens and Pools: The luxury owner has a large estate to entertain and what better way to entertain than to have a party by the pool. Many of these events have catering or chefs so a kitchen outside and a sitting area is a must. Imagine a television with the sports game or Oscars on in the back ground while the guests celebrate in the wonderful outdoor entertainment area.
  2. Wine Cellars or Vineyards: Since the luxury owner likes to celebrate and entertain, there needs to be a lot of wine. These estates usually host some sort of wine cooler or cellar, if not an entire vineyard. What’s better than having the source right in your own backyard?
  3. Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts: Some of these courts go in and out of trend, but nonetheless sports courts are always a hit with the wealthy. The luxury owner likes to host entertaining parties as much as he or she likes to get some physical activity in the privacy of his or her own home. Courts with views are preferred.
  4. Technology: A lot of high-end property owners today are keeping up with the technology trends and want a smart home. Smart homes can go above and beyond the call of duty with the right amount of investment such as touch screen mirrors so you can check your email while you brush your teeth. Another huge technology trend is security, since anyone investing millions into an estate will want to secure their investment.
  5. Game and Theater Rooms: When you are a luxury owner you want to have Oscar parties and movie nights at your own home – that means your own theater. High-end estates are known to have top of the line movie theaters in their homes accompanied with game rooms to have a wonderful night in.
  6. Spa Bathroom: Entertaining for guests is only fun when you have a master suite and bathroom for a king and queen. Today master bathrooms are equipped with spa like floor plans, beautiful tubs, multi-jet showers and of course a sauna. Some of these bathrooms are now inside/outside themes with sliding Fleetwood doors so you can enjoy a bath while soaking in the sun and enjoying the view.
  7. Exercise Room: We discussed this a little before with the sport courts, but the rich like to work out in privacy inside as well. Exercise rooms are essential for luxury properties equipped with yoga rooms, saunas and massage tables.
  8. Dressing Room: Luxury owners are sure to have an extensive wardrobe and accessories. Therefore one – if not two – huge walk in closets that are more like dressing rooms at Saks are not unusual to see in these luxury properties.
  9. Gardens and Landscaping: These days people are fairly health conscious and want organic food. How much more organic can you get than growing your own produce in your own back yard? Some of these estates are now popping up with gardens and manicured landscaping to enjoy the outdoors and to supply the organic need of the luxury owner.
  10. Showcase Garages: When you are a luxury owner you are bound to have a few fancy cars. Why hide them in dark garages or let them spoil in the sun and weather. More and more estates are showing off their high-end automobiles in a galleria build under the house or in a separate building.


Whatever your favorite amenities are, these are just some of the extraordinary additions that luxury owner like in their so-called homes.


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